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Korean New year! Seollal games - Yutnori, Go-Stop, Jegichagi

Korean New year! Seollal games Yutnori, Go-Stop, Jegichagi


Go stop game is the most common card game in Korea because the rule is so simple that people who havent even played before can enjoy playing with friends or family.
Three players are given 7 cards named Hwatu and 6 cards are faced up to the center of the table. By matching the same group of the cards, the players collect the cards and earn point by collecting particular group of the cards or collecting more cards than other players. 

When one player has earned more than 3 points at the first, this player can decide either continuing to play the game or stopping playing. 
The more point the player earns, the more money the player will get. 


One of the most common games is Yutnori which is a board game with four wooden sticks; Yut.
The game rule is simple, which is throwing Yut and move the players game markers around the game board of Yutnori as many as the number of the overturned wooden sticks, Yut. The first team to pass the four makers through the final point is the winner.

This game is really so easy to learn that all family members, regardless of age, can play together. Moreover, this game is perfect to play as a team.

Korean plays this game in both Seollal and Chuseok which is Korean Thanksgiving day.


this game is really easy to do for every one, even kids. Just kick a Jegi, which is made of a small coin and paper, in the air and keep on kicking it. The player who kicks Jegi longer than others wins the game.   

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